Friday, September 11, 2015

   We regret to announce a major change in our tour plans for October. While Loss will still be performing at the California Deathfest as planned, we've had to pull out of the rest of the 'Gloom Over the West' tour due to a misunderstanding regarding travel costs and the exclusivity of our Deathfest performance, which the tour had been built around.

   In better news: Worship was able to finance their travel costs independently, so Worship and Shroud of the Heretic will carry on with the tour as planned, with our friends in Lycus taking our place. Do not miss your chance to see them live, and we will see everyone at the Deathfest.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Update: Plans for 2015 (New album, California Deathfest, and More)

Publicly, things have been very quiet regarding Loss lately. Behind the scenes, though, plans that will see us through the next full year are taking shape. We are currently deep in the writing process for our second full-length album for Profound Lore Records. This entirely new set of songs will first see the inside of a studio later this year.

We are proud to announce that we will be playing the California Deathfest 2015 in October, which is a new west-coast endeavor from the people behind Maryland Deathfest. It will take place on October 9th-11th, 2015 at the Oakland Metro, in Oakland, California. We perform on Sunday night. Tickets are available here.

Among the many great bands slated to play this fest, you will find our friends and European tour-mates, WORSHIP, with whom we will be playing some live dates leading up to this fest. We greatly look forward to sharing a stage with these men again. Dates/cities for those shows TBA.

In the meantime, those seeking our currently out-of-print split with Hooded Menace, "A View from the Rope," should be able to pick up an all-new repress this fall, courtesy of Doomentia Records. We will share release and ordering details as soon as we have them.