Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Update: Summer 2013

Since our last update, we've been hard at work on our contributions to two forthcoming split releases. The first will be with Graves at Sea, which will see vinyl and limited CD-release through Gilead Media, and the second will see us splitting vinyl sides with Hooded Menace. Updates will be coming soon on both of these releases. To keep up with our latest news, please follow on our Facebook page.

We will have two live performances this fall:

The first will take place at Stella Natura: The Light of Ancestral Fires II, in Tahoe National Forest, California, from September 20th - 22nd. We are honored to be performing with a very talented and diverse array of bands from the metal, folk, and psychedelic/esoteric/experimental music scenes, all while set deep in the woods. We're sure it will be an event like no other, so we are planning some exclusives for that weekend -- including new merchandise (details below). Tickets are very limited, but there are still some available here

In October, just before Halloween, we will return to Baltimore to headline the second day of the Autumn Screams Doom II festival, to be held at Ottobar on October 25th and 26th, 2013. You can order tickets here


Our web store has been re-stocked. We currently have the new black-on-grey version of our "Life Without Hope..." shirt (as well as copies of that demo CD), and the woodcut/metallic print design of our "An Ill Body Seats My Sinking Sight" shirt. We also have two posters: Our extremely limited MDF art print for "Shallow Pulse," and the last remaining copies of our tour poster, featuring artwork by Lorraine Rath of Worm Ouroboros

Order all of these HERE.

We have also unveiled a new design that we made exclusively for sale at Stella Natura this year, with artwork by Emiliya Tsankova. Here is a preview of that design, which features the piece "All Grows on Tears." 

Also: For those hoping for a repressing of "Despond" on vinyl, that will happen either late this year, or early in 2014. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Update: Spring 2013

For those who haven't been following us on Facebook, here's a quick summary of what's happened since our last update. The November tour was a great success, and many thanks go out to all of the great bands we shared a stage with -- especially our tour-mates in Worm Ouroboros -- and all of the people who came to see the shows. That tour represented our first time setting foot in many of those cities, and we intend to return to the West Coast as soon as possible.

In the meantime, our next live performance will be at Maryland Death Fest XI, which will take place over Memorial Day Weekend (May 23rd - 26th) in Baltimore. We are slated to play on Saturday, May 25th @ The Former Sonar Compound. Stage times have not yet been determined, but we will post an update as soon as we know. Details, website and ticket links are below:

LOSS: Saturday, May 25th, 2013
Baltimore Maryland @ The Former Sonar Compound

See the full line-up here.
Buy tickets here.

More live shows will follow in the Fall. Stay tuned for details. Otherwise, we continue to write and prepare for the next album, as well as two forthcoming split releases.

Limited quantities of our new zip-up hoodie are still available from our web store, featuring a detail of Richard Friend's "Despond" album cover art on the front breast, and his "Silent and Completely Overcome" artwork on the back.

All other currently available merch can be ordered from us here, or from Gilead Media