Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Northwest Tour, Fall 2012

Our Fall 2012 Northwest Tour with Worm Ouroboros will begin on November 9th, starting in Canada, then continuing through Seattle, Portland, Arcata, San Francisco, and Oakland. Below, you will find all of the flyers, as well as links to the Facebook event pages, which contain each show's details. Add our Facebook page to one of your Interest Lists see our updates from the road.

Official Tour Poster: A limited run of professionally made,
high-quality prints will be available while supplies last on this tour.
Artwork from the talented hands & mind of Miss Rath (Worm Ouroboros).

NOVEMBER 9th, 2012  [Friday]
Vancouver, British Columbia [CANADA] @ Astoria Pub
w/ Mitochondrion, Haggatha, Dire Omen

NOVEMBER 10th, 2012  [Saturday]
Seattle, Washington @ The Highline Bar
w/ Worm Ouroboros, Mitochondrion, Bell Witch


NOVEMBER 11th, 2012  [Sunday]
Portland, Oregon @ Rotture
w/ Worm Ouroboros, Disemballerina, Ephemeros

Facebook event page:

NOVEMBER 13th, 2012  [Tuesday]
Arcata, California @ The Alibi (** venue change **)
w/ Worm Ouroboros, Ash Borer

Facebook event page:

NOVEMBER 14th, 2012 [Wednesday]
San Francisco, California @ The Elbo Room
w/ Worm Ouroboros, Dispirit, Riqis

Facebook event page:

NOVEMBER 15th, 2012  [Thursday]
Oakland, California @ Metro Side Stage

w/ Worm Ouroboros, Lycus, Laudanum

Facebook event page:


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